About Us

The Organic Flower Company was founded in 2006 by Felicity Morgan to cater for a growing demand for naturally grown, fresh, seasonal flowers; as opposed to force-farmed and sprayed flowers grown in artificial environments.

With very few organic cut flower growers registered in the UK, we have sourced growers from far and wide to build up our supply and encourage farmers locally by supporting them in conversion to organic status.

All our organic flowers are certified organic.

Our efforts to become Carbon Neutral continue in to 2016 as well as a huge wholesale promotion. Basically, we want the whole world to know about the benefits of our beautiful organic flowers and we are setting out on a journey to ‘spread the word’.

During the last two years the interest in organic flowers has grown immensley. We have been lucky enough to work with lots of great clients, including Wholefoods Market, Fresh and Wild, Neals Yard Remedies as well as many inspiring individuals.

We also offer UK grown, non organic flowers, particularly during the Summer. We get so many enquiries for ‘locally’ grown flowers that we have sourced THE BEST and offer true seasonality here. Our ‘UK Grown’ offer is English Country Garden at it’s best, starting in April with Sweet Peas, through Peonies and Delphinium and on to Dahlias in the Autumn.

We really hope that you enjoy our flowers and continue to support us in the years to come.