Where do the flowers come from?

Non air-freighted organic certified flowers are grown in Holland for us and are trucked right to our door.

All our foliage is UK grown and organic certified, again this is non air-freighted.

We work with two South American organic certified farms. These farms supply all the flowers for our rose bouquets, agapanthus, calla lilies, alstro, ornithagalum, sunflowers and bromelias.

Can I have a Monday delivery?

We do not offer a Monday delivery service because our couriers do not collect on a Sunday. The only way that we could arrange a Monday delivery would be to send the flowers out on Friday and ask that they be delivered on Monday.

How will the flowers be packaged?

The flowers will arrive in a “nappy sack” of water – a damp bag of water that keeps the stems moist in transit. Tissue paper, jute, cardboard vase and bio-degradable cellophane may also be used as packaging – everything except the “nappy sack” is easily recyclable/biodegradable.

Can you arrange specific flowers that I don’t see pictured?

Try us! If you call us, we will let you know exactly the flowers that we have available, where they are grown etc.

Do you do wedding flowers?

Yes! We supply lots of florists with the organic flowers for weddings. We can also arrange the flowers and deliver them ourselves, whichever you prefer.

How do I make my flowers last as long as possible?

Remove all packaging, snip the stems and place in clean water. Change the water daily.